If you need to perform an airdrop then look no further. LoopDropSharp is your one stop shop to performing them. Find wallet holders, airdrop Nfts, and more. This application should be in any creator's tool kit.


The best place to start is here. Download the package and watch the video to get started.


Quick Setup Video: View on YouTube

How to and Tips

The video gives a good overview and the readme a bit more detail but here are some more tips:

For the API keys you will need 2 from (under avatar > security > export account) and 1 API key from MetaMask (... > Account Details > Export Private Key) or GameStop (account > settings > Export Account = Private Key).

Be sure that you are using the same wallet address for and MetaMask/GameStop. Also, be sure that the Nft you want to transfer is in this wallet.

Wallet addresses can be ENS and/or long wallet address. Just be sure that there is one on each line in the Input.txt.

More to Come

I feel that this is a very valuable tool for creators. I would like to make it more user friendly and add more features. If you need help or have suggestions, please reach out to me at the contact information below.

Older Videos

Older version setup Video: View on YouTube

Quick video showing how it works: View on YouTube

Airdrop many Nfts to many wallets: View on YouTube

Find who holds all of your minted Nfts: View on YouTube